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Our goal is to provide every client with every tool they need to achieve their financial and life goals. 

Individual Taxation

Our Certified Public Accountants can help you achieve tax savings and provide professional advice for tax savings and planning. We have been serving the Tacoma community since 1979.

Business Taxation

At the Nash Group P.S., Certified Public Accountants we understand that your business is a priority. We have the tools and understanding to help navigate the complex tax landscape and ensure your bottom line continues to grow. 


The Nash Group is a forward thinking firm. We believe that our relationships with you go beyond your tax returns. We have specialized programs to give you the tools and understanding to take your business to new heights. 

Expert Tax Advice Gives You Confidence In The Future

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

As a CPA offering tax consulting services, I have seen how proper tax planning can save businesses money and mitigate risk. Consulting with an experienced CPA can ensure compliance with tax laws, identify potential deductions, and help with tax strategy to maximize profits and minimize tax liability.

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Your Partners in Financial Success

Working with a licensed CPA offers more than just simple tax preparation. We are dedicated to providing you tools and insights to improve your business and financial life.

We're your certified public Accounting firm

Our team works to understand your financial needs. Building a strong understanding of client operations is the key to any successful relationship. As your year around tax strategy consultants, we focus on helping you to overcome the challenges you will face in your business. 

More Then Just Your Public Accounting Firm

We are more then just your certified public accounting firm. We’re are your partners. At the The Nash Group P.S., Certified Public Accountants. We have been servicing the Tacoma Area since 1978. Your success is our success.

Construction CPA Tacoma

At the The Nash Group P.S., Certified Public Accountants we are the best construction CPA’s in Tacoma, We understand the unique challenges of the industry. Great accounting practices can provide insight into job costing, cash flow, and budgeting, leading to informed decision-making and increased profitability. Accurate financial statements can also be used to secure financing for future projects.

Business Consultants Tacoma Washington

As a CPA, a business owner, and business tax consultant in Tacoma, Washington I am dedicated to helping local construction and real estate professional businesses thrive. My tax strategy consulting services focus on areas of corporate goal achievement, financial management, tax reduction planning, and strategy development. Working with our team will help you by providing understanding to gain increased profitability and long-term success for construction and real estate related businesses in the South Sound Region.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” 

 Napoleon Hill

At The Nash Group P.S., Certified Public Accountants we have been working for Tacoma Washington since 1978.

Expert Tax Advisors Here To Assist With Your Corporation Taxation Needs

Questions about Entity Structure?

Our team is here to help from beginning to end of your business journey.


What is an LLC?

Limited liability companies (LLCs) are formed under state law and exist in most states. There are single member and there are multi-member LLCs. Multi-member LLCs are generally taxed as partnerships, avoiding corporate income tax, and are protected from personal liability from business creditors but the LLC Status. 

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What is an S-Corp?

S corporations are a true hybrid of LLCs and regular C corporations. They can offer liability protection without the dreaded ‘double taxation’ that can come with paying corporate tax. Shareholders pay income tax on their wages and any net income passed through to them from the S corporation. A disadvantage is that over 2% of shareholders are ineligible for tax-favored fringe benefits. In addition, since there are limits on the number of shareholders, the growth potential and access to capital may be limited.

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What is an C-Corp?

C corporations are subject to double taxation. The profit is taxed at the corporate level, and any profit distributed as dividends to shareholders is taxed to the shareholder. This double taxation can cause the C corporation to be a more expensive option for small business owners. However, if the profits are reinvested into the corporation, the tax can actually be lower than with an S corporation. An advantage of this type of business entity is that shareholders who are also employees qualify for corporate tax-favored fringe benefits such as medical insurance and group-term life.

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Chris Nash has been doing my taxes for years. When I was in school, when I was an employee, and now that I am a business owner. My value as a customer has always been the same. My taxes have always been right and been done on time. Chris has saved my thousands of dollars over the years. I highly recommend.
Jonathan Schaefer
Chris, the new owner, is AWESOME. He was very professional and very personable. I’ve utilized other CPAs in the past and his pricing was very comparable, but the value so much more worthwhile. I would highly recommend Chris.
Victoria Heft