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Our firm is excited to introduce you to Client Collaborate!

With this new tool we will be able to work together to ensure that your tax returns are prepared quickly and efficiently without running into many of the issues that plague accounting firms today; lost documents, long wait times to hear back from us, not knowing where your return is in the process.

Client Collaborate will enable you to keep track of your documents by uploading them as you receive them, linking directly to your online accounts or for returning clients by providing a reference point from your prior returns to aid you in collecting everything needed to ensure your tax return is completed quickly and accurately.

Christopher Nash, CPA

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Tips for using Collaborate

Creating your user ID

Step: 1


Engagement Letter, How to Sign Electronically:

How to electronically sign your engagement letter. Our clients are required to sign engagement letters. This tool has made the process extremely easy!

Step: 2


Electronic Organizers:

An Overview of E-Organizers and how they help us to be even more accurate and complete in Collaborate.

Your Questionnaire, Personal Information:

After signing your engagement letter, your next step will be to answer the organizer questions.

Your Questionnaire, Personal Information, Dependents:

This video will show you how to add, update, or remove dependents from your tax return. Make sure to review annually to ensure we have everything.

Your Questionnaire, Electronic Funds:

Here you will learn how to review and edit your banking information to ensure your refunds are deposited to the correct accounts.

Your Questionnaire, Taxable Events:

In this vide you will get an overview of the next part of your electronic organizer, Taxable Events.

Your Questionnaire, Completing and Adding Taxable Event Tiles:

Your dynamic organizer will add or remove sections based on responses in your tax organizer.

Your Questionnaire, Tax Payments:

Did you make estimated tax payments? Here is where you tell us about them.

Your Questionnaire, Notes to your Accountants:

This video will show you how to supply notes and feedback to us so we can know.

Step: 3


Your Documents, Overview:

You will find tools to provide us with documents needed for tax preparation. You will also learn how to link your account to your company, bank, financial advisor, and other document source to streamline the process and allow us to collect your documents FOR YOU!

Your Documents, Adding Connections:

Here is where the power of Collaborate is truly unleashed. You link your online accounts to our secure portal and allow us to retrieve your tax documents for you.
Don’t worry, we do not have access to any of your accounts.

Your Documents, How to Attach Documents to your List:

Not all your documents are currently available for Connection to be retrieved automatically by us. Here you will learn how to attach documents that you have, including W-2s, 1099, and business summaries. If you have other documents that you think we will need, make sure to add them as well!

Your Documents, How to Add Document Notes:

You may not have access to the document we need or we may already have them if we prepared them (payroll, 1099s, etc). Thankfully, just like notes on taxable events, you can leave notes about your documents. This could also be used to help us to understand why you are supplying certain documents.

Step: 4

Notify your Accountant

Wrapping Up - Notify your Accountant:

You are done with the organizer and have uploaded or connected all your tax documents. The last step you need to do is mark your return as ready for us to get started and we will begin to prepare your tax return.

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