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Corporation Tax Preparation and Accounting

We understand the complications of starting and maintaining a corporation. At The Nash Group P.S. our certified public accountants can help identify which entity best suits your business needs. For already established businesses we work to build strategies for growth, tax minimization, and wealth management while keeping our clients up to day on trends in their market.


An S-Corporation combines some of the best aspects of a C corporation and a partnership. Usually the S-Corp does not pay income taxes. Instead, the income and losses are divided amongst the shareholders and are reported on their individual tax returns. Contact our team today and see if this is the right solution for your business or company.


The default organization structure for newly formed corporations, C-Corporations are taxed separately from their owners. Owners receive dividends from the C corporation which can receive preferential tax treatment. Call us for a consultation today to see if this is best option for your business.


Partnerships are for business entities (such as LLC or PLLC) which are owned by more than one person. If you and a friend have started an LLC then most likely your company should be filing a partnership tax return. Give us a call today if you have multiple partners for your business.

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