Tacoma Goddess Of Commerce Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Goddess Of Commerce

The long journey of Tacoma’s itinerant Goddess of Commerce seems to have come to an end with the announcement that the public unveiling of the statue will take place on Weds., Aug. 31 at 4 p.m. in the Triangle Business District and Theater District, near the intersections of South Sixth Avenue, St. Helens Avenue, and South Baker Street.

The 700-pound, seven-foot-tall, $122,000 bronze statue, created by artist Marilyn Mahoney, is a replica of the original statue that was destroyed almost 70 years ago, and it aims to celebrate Tacoma’s economic and cultural history. The statue cradles a miniature model of the city’s skyline in one arm, while the model freighter in her left hand represents maritime commerce. The crane earrings symbolize Tacoma’s identity as a major port, and salmon streaming down her back represent the fishing industry.

Initially, the statue was supposed to be installed in Tollefson Plaza, but that idea was rejected. The City of Tacoma’s Landmarks Preservation Commission also rejected a request to place the statue atop the historic Carlton Building in downtown Tacoma. Finally, in October 2009, the Tacoma Arts Commission refused to take ownership of the statue and place it in Pierce Transit Plaza, which is near Theatre on the Square and Pantages Theater.

After several rejections, the statue’s supporters found a private property that agreed to its placement, which is the Mandarin Antiques property. According to Goddess of Commerce supporter Rick Jones, the property’s ownership generously accepted the placement of the statue after the Theater District Association led by Seong Shin, and Fred King, a retired Tacoma architect, suggested that the Goddess of Commerce might be a good element to improve the intersection at St. Helens, Sixth, and Baker.

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